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Spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency Research Summary

In 2021, Cloudtcm published an article on what is spleen and kidney yang deficiency, the following is the abstract.

The biggest problem facing Chinese medicine is that the theoretical concepts are too abstract and too different from the medical knowledge of modern people, resulting in most modern people not recognizing Chinese medicine. Although Cloudtcm tried to use a simple data-based model to explain Chinese medicine, most members still do not understand what their meridian diagrams mean.

In November 2021, a member finally couldn’t resist asking privately through the FB page, “How can I read this diagram? The support staff saw that this was a typical meridian pattern and thought, “Isn’t this diagram often found in articles? So she sent her an article that had been published and reminded her of a key point: “Let’s start with the meridians of the feet!

Start from feet
Meridian Analysis Start from the feet

In November 2021, Cloudtcm released the “Meridian Balance Index“, which has become the main data for analyzing meridian energy in Cloud Chinese Medicine. If we rank the meridians with less than 0 (deficiency) in modern people, we will find that the top 5 most deficient meridians are bladder , spleen , GB, kidney and stomach meridian. The kidney meridian remains at a steady level of over 70% throughout the year.

Top 5 deficient meridian by meridian balance index
Top 5 deficient meridian by meridian balance index

Spleen and kidney deficiency is a diagnostic inference often used by Chinese medicine practitioners, and this abstract concept can now be clearly seen with the eyes using the data science!

Since the bladder, GB and stomach meridians are all Yang meridians of the human body, it can be said that most people are “Yang deficiency”.

There are also spleen and kidney deficiency, now it is easy to understand “spleen-kidney-yang deficiency”, is it?

Spleen Kidney and Yang. deficient
Spleen Kidney and Yang. deficient

To read more completely with this article to understand how to treat it ? please click here:


The Cloudtcm Research Team is dedicated to the study of meridian data science, all members are data science engineers and publish relevant articles (in Chinese) almost every day. Articles links are here:

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