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Winter is the season when people are prone to pain, check the left and right meridians!

Everyone has heard of meridians and knows that there are meridians in the human body, but few people know that the meridians mentioned in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine actually have two meridians: the left and the right. Take the Lung meridian for example, there is one on the left and one on the right!

Left and Right Meridian Energy Difference

Looking at the picture above, you can imagine that the right bladder meridian is like two rivers, the right one flows freely, while the left one is full of silt and sediment. Will it cause pain in the body?

When there is a big difference in energy between the left and right side of a meridian, it is easy to have pain! Unless you have a third eye to see this kind of meridian difference, you must rely on the technique of meridian detection.

This phenomenon of energy gap between the left and right meridians that occurs in every person throughout the year is actually controlled by a mysterious force behind the scenes, and the key force is the temperature of the weather.

The key force is the temperature of the weather. To decipher the rules of the operation of this force, we can only look for it in a large amount of data. If the system of all the twelve meridians around the gap value, according to the month drawn in the same chart (see the figure below), you can clearly decipher the mystery.

The colder the weather, the greater the difference Left and Right Meridian

From the figure above, we can find that the gap between the left and right meridians of almost all meridians is relatively serious in winter, but it tends to slow down in summer when the temperature becomes warmer. Therefore, it can be assumed that most people are more prone to various pains in winter, but they will be much relieved in summer.

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